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Ka ʻOhana Waʻa

        Hawaiʻi, Our Associated Vessels

There are several canoes that have been constructed or are currently being constructed in Hawaiʻi that work closely

with our organization. Here is a list of those vessels, and their home-ports.


Hawaiʻi Voyaging Canoes

Hōkūleʻa, Honolulu Hawaiʻi

Hōkūleʻa was the first double hulled voyaging canoe built in our modern times. She was constructed in 1975 and made her maiden voyage in 1976. For more information on Hōkūleʻa and her programs, please visit:



Hawaiʻiloa, Honolulu Hawaiʻi

Hawaiʻiloa was the second double-hulled voyaging canoe built here in Hawaiʻi. She was launched in 1993. The logs used to build Hawaiʻiloa's hulls came from the Pacific North West. For more on her history please visit:



Iosepa, Laie Hawaiʻi

Iosepa is the fourth double hulled voyaging canoe built in Hawaiʻi in 2002. She is maintained by the Brigham Young University in Lāʻie and serves as a floating classroom for that community. For more information on Iosepa, visit the following website:



Hikianalia, Honolulu Hawaiʻi

Hikianalia was built in the South Pacific style and is the latest member of the ʻOhana Waʻa since 2012. Hikianalia is the companion star to Hōkūleʻa and so the canoe was named Hikianalia as she was the companion canoe to Hōkūleʻa as she traveled around the world. For more information on Hikianalia please visit the website:



Moʻokiha O Piʻilani, Lahaina Hawaiʻi 

Moʻokiha O Piʻilani is a 62 ft. double-hulled voyaging canoe that serves as a living classroom for the youth of Hawaii.  She was built in Lāhaina and released into the ocean on July 11th, 2014.  She is managed by the Hui Waʻa Kaulua.  For more information on Moʻokiha or Hui Waʻa Kaulua, please visit:



Nā Māhoe, Nāwiliwili Hawaiʻi 

Nā Māhoe was constructed on Kauaʻi. Nā Māhoe was built to provide the people of Kauaʻi with regular access to educational, cultural and an inspirational resource.  Nā Māhoe is a  72-foot long, twin-hulled, long distance voyaging canoe.  She is managed by the Nā Kālai Waʻa O Kauaʻi organization.  For more information on her progress please follow them

on their website:




Hōkūalakaʻi, Hilo Hawaiʻi

Hōkūalakaʻi is the fifth double-hulled voyaging canoe built in Hawaiʻi.

She was launched in 2004. Hōkūalakaʻi is dedicated to perpetuating the Hawaiian Language through its practices onboard and off.

Hawaiian Coastal Sailing Canoes


E Ala, Waiʻanae Hawaiʻi

E Ala is a double-hulled coastal sailing canoe constructed in 1981 by the Waiʻanae Civic Club for the people of Leeward Oʻahu. She is currently being used for educational programs on Oʻahu. For more information on E Ala please visit their facebook page:



Moʻolele, Lahaina Hawaiʻi

Moʻolele is a double hulled coastal sailing canoe built and managed by the Hui Waʻa Kaulua of Lāhaina, Maui. She is used for educational programs for her community. For more information on Moʻolele visit:



Kānehūnāmoku, Kāneʻohe Hawaiʻi

Kānehūnāmoku was built as a training vessel and educational tool for crew members and ohana of Makaliʻi. She currently provides education programs to communities of O'ahu throughout the year.   For more information about Kānehūnāmoku please visit:

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