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Hoea Moku

Hoea Moku is our kanu waʻa, or canoe sustainability, project that looks at how we as modern day practitioners use the kanu waʻa (canoe plants) to enhance and perpetuate our practice of waʻa (canoe) and voyaging. Kanu waʻa are not restricted

to traditional plants, but rather look at how we utilize all the plants available to us in modern day Hawaii.


Hoea Moku activities focus on growing and learning from our eldest kupuna: the plants that provide us with construction materials, medicinal and edible materials, and decorative and ceremonial materials.

The project's goals are to educate our crew, ohana, and community on the use and maintenance of these resources on a small scale at our property in Hawi and then on a larger scale with the natural forest systems of our island. 



    Hoea Moku Project Provides:

   - Community Workshops on Kanu

        Waʻa and Voyaging Applications

   - Service Learning Opportunities

   - Educational Kanu Waʻa Gardens

   - Kanu Waʻa Processing Areas

   - Community Workshop Space



Hoea Moku project also educates the community on the production of these materials which will in turn help to sustain community through healthy cultivation practices and production of Hawaiian Materials and resources that can be used to create livelihoods for our communities while raising awareness of environmental kinship.

Hoea Moku project also helps to sustain our canoe's and their programs. The project housed at our Alalaea property in Häwï Kohala that we refer to as the Hoea Hale. Schools, groups, and organizations are encouraged to help us plant our dreams here at the Hoea Moku project.


***To schedule a visit for your group or to volunteer at Hoea Moku please contact us at***

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