Project Holokai provides opportunities for Hawaiʻi Island students to experience the canoe and the teachings of

open-ocean voyaging and non-instrumental navigation throughout all seasons. 

A cohort of thirty students will meet throughout the year with the captains and crew of Makaliʻi who will provide hands on canoe activities that will connect them to the waʻa and prepare them for a final sail.  Cultural experts and community resources will enhance the learning sessions and provide rich stories of the canoe and sailing. Students will learn the history of the canoe and experience the meaning of “He waʻa he moku, he moku he waʻa” (The canoe is our island, our island is the canoe). 









Holokai Objectives


He waʻa he moku, he moku he waʻa

To introduce Nā Kālai Waʻa, the moʻolelo of

voyaging, and basic safety and sailing skills


Mālama Makaliʻi

To teach the reciprocal relationship between

kanaka and the canoe–Mālama aku, mālama mai


E Lauhoe Waʻa

To teach life skills through leadership activities

on the canoe


I Ola ʻOe I Ola Kākou Nei

To teach community stewardship through

activities that manages and maintains the

natural resources of Hawaiʻi.



To share skills and knowledge by participating

in a coastal sail

Program open to:
-Hawaiʻi Island students in grades 6-12



-$25 registration fee



-Medical clearance prior to the first session

-Completed Application

Holokai Schedule

Holokai -                    Oct. 7-11, 2019  Holokai Cohort

                                      Oct. 14, 2019  District Visitation   (East Hawaiʻi)

Lā ʻOhana -              Nov. 2, 2019  Nā Waʻa   (Lauhala)

Lā ʻOhana -              Jan. 3, 2020  Voyager Exhibit

                                      Kahilu Theater

Komo ʻĀpana -       Jan. 14, 2020  District Visitation


Lā ʻOhana -               Feb. 4, 2020  Makaliʻiʻs Lā Hānau


Lā ʻOhana -               Mar. 7 2020  Cordage Making


Holokai -                    Mar. 17-21, 2020  Halau Kukui / Hoea

                                      Makaliʻi / Hokuliʻiliʻi

Lā ʻOhana -              Apr. 4, 2020  Cordage Making


Komo ʻĀpana -       Apr. 14, 2020  District Visitation

                                     (West Hawaiʻi)

Lā ʻOhana -              May 2, 2020  Navigation / Plotting

                                      Kalaemano / Kawaihae

Holokai -                   Jun. 1-5, 2020  Halau Kukui / Hoea     

                                     Makaliʻi / Hokuliʻiliʻi

Komo ʻĀpana -      Jun. 10-20, 2020  District Visitation


Lā ʻOhana -             July 2020  Sail