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Mauloa Restoration Project

Under the tutelage of Masters, the new Apprentices will learn the practice, demonstrate their learning, and contribute to community projects on their home Island. This project will serve at least 12 new Native Hawaiian Apprentices from six (6) communities across three (3) of the Hawaiian Islands. They will be trained in traditional canoe building while 40 community members will be trained in canoe lashing and weaving. Lastly, the project will train 24 community members in the basics of canoe building from the newly trained canoe masters. Ultimately, this restoration provides the platform to preserve key cultural touchstones and re-build the connections communities need in hopes of re-establishing the balance between Human (kanaka), Spirit (akua), and Land/Sea (ʻāina). The Mauloa Restoration Project is supported by the Administration for Native Americans SEDS funding.

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