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Our Staff

Keala Kahuanui

Special Projects (In-Kind Staffing Support for NKW Projects) Constellations Fellow & Project Director (Hanauna Mau)

Keala Kahuanui was raised in Waimānalo, now thriving in Puʻukapu, Waimea. She is a cook on the Hawaiian voyaging canoe Makali’i. She and her crew are committed to providing food provisions for voyages from home on Hawaiʻi island. Keala continues to learn and teach ancient and modern food preservation methods to maintain this practice of food sustainability for wa’a (canoe) and moku (island). She has been a crew member since 2000.


Crew Member on Makali'i - Hana Taro Festival 2001

Crew Member, Cook & Quartermaster on Alingano Maisu - Ku Holo Mau 2007

Crew Member & Cook on Makali’i - Sail for Papa Mau 2010

Crew Member, Cook & Watch Captain - Malama Honua Hokule’a 2014

Crew Member, Cook & Quartermaster on Makali’i - Malama Honua 2017

Crew Member, Program Coordinator & Cook on Makali'i - Hanauna Ola 2019

Constellations Fellow & Project Director - Hanauna Mau 2023-2024

Keala Kahuanui
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