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Makaliʻi has arrived...

Aloha nui ʻohana -

Received a call yesterday from Kahapeʻa on Makaliʻi. 

E lana ka waʻa Makaliʻi ʻia Mokumanamana.  The canoe Makaliʻi is at anchor, at Mokumanamana.  Kahapeʻa shares..."we spotted the island off our port bow at breakfast, accompanied by rainbows and cleansing rain. the canoe, the crew and Alakaʻi are doing well. we are happy to see everyone who remains on the searcher, and are so excited to see the guys on

Alakaʻi up close and personal." The ʻohana Kanaloa will remain in Papahānaumokuākea for the next few days conducting research with Aunty Pua, the ʻohana EKF and PKM8 team.  We remain in the celebration and spirit oFKanaloa and continue to support the health of the three vessels and our ʻohana who are doing the work that they intend to do. In the spirit of Kanaloa, we remain in the pule and the support of everyones efforts to prepare them and each of us for this moment in time.  More to come this evening...  Ola i ke au a Kanaloa! Pomaikalani Bertelmann

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