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Hū! WE are on the move.

Message from kilolani Pualani Lincoln: 8:25pm last evening (6/29)...

"We are resting well amongst family and friends in the bossom of Kalamula. Spent the day today caring for Alakaʻi and Makaliʻi and hosting community at the waʻa, visiting the special groves of Mapulehu and the valley of Halawa. Our host ʻohana, of Kekama Helm and Ane Bakutis and Mahina and Tammy Hou, along with Molokai ʻohana has been amazing and though we all ache to leave them tomorrow (sunrise today), we must continue on. Two more legs to go on this magical voyage, next stop is Lahaina and then home to Holomoana and Kawaihae. Love you all....kau ka peʻa holo ka waʻa!

As the canoe left Kaunakakai this morning, Mahina Hou graced our deck with his knowledge and skill of the holomoana. We are one day closer to Holomoana and Kawaihae. We are one day closer to the day when we are relishing in the memories of the last 25 days. 

We have all been in the Manamana for the past three years; making ready, one step at a time. There were days when this time seemed so far away. Now, we are here, in the focus, in the light and in the LOVE of Ke au a Kanaloa! OLA!"

Photo Credit: Pualani Lincoln

Makaliʻi outside of Honolua, Maui || Photo Credit: Moani Heimuli

Photo Credit: Pualani Lincoln

Pomaikalani Bertelmann

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