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MAKALIʻI UPDATE. Evening 6/23

Aloha Nui Kakou- hope all is well on this beautiful Sunday. Our ohua Makali’i is in their way to Oahu! Mahalo nui Nihoa, MOKUMANAMANA, Lehua, and Kauai o Manokalanipo. This has been a 24 year journey and voyage of reconnection. Literally, each and every ʻohana member who met us, fed us, housed us and made music with us, has a been ohana for generations and so much more. 

The last day was spent cleaning the canoe and Alakaʻi; washing clothes and  will write tonight with an update for canoes arrival at Mokauea, METC. Mahalo nui to Nā Kālai Waʻa O Kauai - ʻOhana Namahoe!!! Uncle John, Dennis and the entire ohua waʻa, we LOVE YOU GUYS! Thank you for making our puka back into this time and space, special. Mahalo nui to Kauaʻi Port and Harbors ʻohana. 

Oʻahu ʻohana and ohua waʻa, standby for 10pm and 1am report on crew call at METC to assist the waʻa and Alakaʻi as they arrive.  This leg is special as we have 3 of our sisters joining us on this run. They are Malia Makanani, Kahanu Kailimai, and Keaka Yasutake. 

Malia below in blue,  has been an ʻohana member crew of Makaliʻi from the very beginning. She sailed in 1999 on the E Mau Sailing the Master home. She is the daughter of Uncle Maka and an amazing ocean women, who teachers her children to love the ocean.  Eo Alakai! Eo Makaliʻi!!!

Kahanu, in yellow,  is one of the originals of the gangeh from 1995. Kahanu participated on Makaliʻis statewide sail in1997 before accepting her mission calling. She and her husband Kahele have 4 amazing children, 2 boys and 2 girls, all of whom love the Kanaloa. 

Keaka Yasutake, standing in front of the hawaiian flag next to Uʻi Naipo, worked or Na Kalai Waʻa for 5 years and was on the team with Chadd, Luther, and Pattiann who took care of Makaliʻi and did an amazing job doing it. Keaka was part of the crew who also helped with the building of Alingano Maisu and help to crew her to Micronesia, on the 2007, Ku Holo Mau Voyage, to deliver the gift, the canoe to the island of Satawal, a gif to Papa Mau and his people, for their years of loving us and teaching us to use the oceans pathways once again. Keaka, her husband Yumi and their two children have made their home on Kauaʻi. 

Recognize these guys?

Whose the guy "in between"?


Family, we are truly blessed. Love you all and than you for your continued love and support for all that you do in support of Hanauna Ola. For now, we remain in pule for joy, focus, and strength as our ʻohua make their crossing from Kauaʻi to Oahu. 

Have a great evening, moe malie. 

Me ka haʻahaʻa, 

Pomai Bertelmann

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Cynthia Rae Massa
Cynthia Rae Massa
Jun 25, 2019

Mahalo & Shared

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