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Pae ka Waʻa Makaliʻi ʻia Nāwiliwili 6.21

Aloha nui,

Pae ka Waʻa Makaliʻi ʻia Nāwiliwili... aloha no e Hāupu....The canoe Makaliʻi has landed at Nāwiliwili...greetings to Hāupu

Through the Membrane of Pō

Entering through the dance hall of time, Lehua, Nohili;  Kīkepa, Mānā, safeguard the gateway into the memories of this space.  Kaulakahi, the water way slips them through, Puka! They breath through the membrane of Pō, and are birthed back into the present.  Her bow faces the southern seas  and the islands who brought her into this world. They patiently await her return.

ʻAihaʻa Makaliʻi Hānau Makaliʻi i ka pō, hānau Makaliʻi, hānau ka pō Ala Makaliʻi i ka pō, hū Makaliʻi, hū i ka pō, hū, hū, hū i ka pō Aia Makaliʻi i ka moana, holo Makaliʻi i ke kai, hoe Makaliʻi i ke kai Pae Makaliʻi i ka aekai, pae Makaliʻi pae moku hū, ha, he, hū Hū, ha, he, hū; hū, hū, hū Makaliʻi, Hū!

E ola no e Makaliʻi, he waʻa kaulua mai Hawaiʻi Mai. 

He Waʻa He Moku, He Moku He Waʻa.

Me kealoha nui, 

Pomaikalani Bertelmann

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