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UPDATE! July 1, 2019

Muku a Kaʻaona

Waimea, Hawaiʻi

When the the call is made

when the call is made 

we are ready to go

because thats our job, 

that is what we do

when the call is made 

we don head lights with red lenses

enabling our sight into the pō

safety harnesses dress tired shoulders

worked into health by the substantial

girth of who I call, Puaharatau

the great voyager who holds the stories about canoes, who once traversed the deepest of oceans;  her movement is the elapse of time~

her life force dips us back into the 

wake of our ancestors. 

when the call is made 

we make ready for the pitch and roll, 

for the heave and hove to

we anticipate a brisk wind

and white chop on the water, 

they are indicators of direction,

& holding direction

when the call is made 

we man our posts - 

Towline, ready!

Halyards, ready!

Sheet lines, ready!

Huki, alu!

Alakaʻi standing by 72

Makaliʻi base...on the by..

When the call is made

our bodies internalize the responsibility

our soul takes on the privilege

our eyes become the in sight

our hands become the work

when the call is made 

leadership and crew are everything

and still, the waʻa, the moku,


When the call is made she is... the child of Hōkūleʻa,  the soulmate of Mauloa-Eala, the sister to the great navigator, Hawaiʻi Loa; To Te Au o Tonga, Te Aurere, Takitumu they are her kin from the time and space of No Nā Mamo~   They are ʻohana waʻa. She is ʻohana waʻa, we are ʻohana waʻa. Makaliʻi is the boarder between worlds, birthed through the consciousness  of Kaulupulehu, Kaukaweli (Waiemi),Waikoloa, Kohala and Kawaihae~ She is teacher, sister, sibling, kupuna, mother, mama, reflection, hope, desire, friend~  She is birth, she is life force, she is the sacred.  When the call is made The navigator, the eyes The captain, the discipline  The crew, the way The provisions, the health that feeds the spirit  The Pwo, the generations, the intelligence, the bridge   The Waʻa, the womb, the remembrance, the movement, the protection WE are the other, we are always together,  When the call is made. 

12 AM UPDATE, Monday, July 1, 2019 

Makaliʻi, Alakaʻi, and our ʻōhua waʻa departed Lahaina at 11:10pm last evening (sun, June 30) making their way for alignments with Ke Kua Molokini and Hakioawa in the pre dawn light. There, they will kani ka pū and set up for sunrise approach. I will update tomorrow morning at 9am as to the ʻōhuaʻs arrival in Kawaihae. 

Love you all and thank you for your continued support of Hanauna Ola. For now, we remain in pule for joy, focus, and strength as our ʻōhua make this run home. 

Photo Credit for both photos: L. Anuenue Punua

*** the white dropper is the waʻa....the green dropper is their place of origin.

Moe malie.  Me ka haʻahaʻa, 

Pomaikalani Bertelmann

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