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Restoring Hōkūliʻiliʻi

Here is a small collection of photos and videos to share work Nā Kālai Waʻa have been doing together with the Holokai Cohort students to restore Hōkūliʻiliʻi, a small double hulled canoe that was built in 1995 by students of Waimea school along side builders of Makaliʻi.

Please use the arrows ON the image to browse the images....

Here is a playlist of 5 videos made by Kealiʻi Maielua, Makaliʻi Captain and vessal Manager. In these videos he shares the restoration process of Hōkūliʻiliʻiʻs Iako and Heiau, the bulkhead and stringers, and how to make a pattern.

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