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Our Staff

Chadd 'Onohi Paishon, Pwo Navigator

Executive Director & Senior Captain

Chadd `Onohi Paishon was born in Papakolea and raised on the island of Oahu in Pauoa, Waikiki, Nanakuli, Hau'ula, and Laie. Chadd is a musician, sailor, cook, educator, husband, uncle, and friend. At a very young age, he was inspired by stories of his ancestors voyaging, on their canoes, to come to the Hawaiian islands and thrive as a people. He was then able to grow and learn from many, in his community, regarding the importance of our culture. He was invited to become a crew member onboard Hokule`a and has been able to be a part of the voyaging 'ohana and learn from heroes. He assisted in the building of several voyaging canoes and will continue to do what has been asked and tasked of him. To share what he has learned with all that come to the wa`a, our community, and our ohana.

Chadd's role with Na Kalai Wa`a started with the building of Makali`i in 1994 and eventually being asked to sail aboard her maiden voyage in 1995. He has been a crew member, captain, and navigator onboard Makali'i ever since. Chadd has been involved in the education programs that continue to this day, but most importantly, he has been able to witness firsthand what can happen when our community comes together.

Chadd 'Onohi Paishon, Pwo Navigator
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