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Ke Aho Hālau o Makali'i

Holokai Education Programs - educational programs for our community that focus on introductory levels of our four hālau waʻa.


Halau Kālai Waʻa ​

(canoe carving) gives our participants first hand experience in drydock and vessel maintenance.


Hālau Hoʻolako Waʻa

(canoe provisions) looks at our whole village contributes to the canoe from the forest to the food that is grown to feed the crew.


Hālau Hoʻokele Waʻa

(canoe sailing) gives participants a introduction to sailing aboard canoes of all sizes.


Hālau Kilolani

(climate observations)

engenders environmental conscious-ness in our participants through environmental observations and story sharing from our kupuna and crew to our participants. 

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