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Our Sites


Hōʻea Moku - Hawi, Kohala

Hoea Moku is a ten-acre parcel of land located in Hāwī, Kohala. It was donated to Nā Kālai Waʻa by Kimball Smith, a long time resident of North Kohala. He sought a community organization that represented his shared values of Aloha ʻĀina, Mālama, and above all else, valued our kūpuna. Hoea Moku is  the educational site for our Mauloa Restoration Project, Holokai Education Programs, Hanauna Mau Project and our crew training. Hoea Moku also houses our operational offices


Mahukona - Kohala

Māhukona is a significant land area for navigation practices. It is around this area that the winds shift from the heavy channel winds to lighter leeward breezes.  Although this wind line can be found as far north as ʻUpolu Point or as far south as Puanui ahupuaʻa, just north of Kawaihae, it is most commonly found around this area of Māhukona. There are several significant sites in this area that are managed through the partnership of the Solomon family, Hawaiian Island Land Trust and the Kohala community.


Ko'a Heiau Holomoana - Mahukona

Koʻa Heiau Holomoana is a navigational heiau located on the bluffs of Kamanō bay in Māhukona. It is a cultural piko for our organization and the beginning and end of every voyage that the organization makes. Caretaking for this site has been shared with the Solomon family, lineal descendants of the heiau. This site is on private land and not for public access. Access to the site is gained through the Nā Kālai Waʻa organization or the family. 


NKW Warehouse - Mahukona

The Māhukona Warehouse is a large industrial-sized structure located just off the remnants of the old railway and pier system in Māhukona bay.  The warehouse currently houses our escort vessel, maintenance projects, and drydock space for Makaliʻi.  It is a shared space with Hawaiian Island Land Trust and our Mahukona Stewardship team. 


Halau Kukui - Kawaihae, Kohala

Hālau Kukui is named for a once famous surf break, Kukui, that is now covered by the Kawaihae harbor. The site was originally constructed for a T.V. series in the 1990s. Now, Nā Kālai Waʻa leases this property and structure from DLNR, along with site partners YMCA Sailing Program, Kanu O Ka ʻĀina, Moʻokiha Sailing Club, and the Kawaihae community. Many sailing and coastal monitoring programs as well as crew training is held at Hālau Kukui. 


Star Compass - Kalaemano, Kona

In 1996 NKW installed a Kūkulu O Ka Lani (Hawaiian Star Compass) and Halau Waʻa (canoe shed) along the shoreline at Kūkiʻo. A few years ago the Hālau Waʻa and compass were moved to Kalaemanō to join the other facilities at the Kaʻupulehu Cultural Center. There NKW helps to highlight the traditions of the Kaʻupulehu families and of our sailing heritage that are depicted in the famous petroglyphs of the area. 

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