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MAKALIʻI UPDATE: Evening June 20

Aloha nui ʻohana, Hope this finds that all of you are well. Hope that each of you are able to rest well under the next few day of Kaʻaona. This is a special cycle and season for all of us. Let the wailua of Ke Ala Polohiwa a Kāne empower and enable consciousness to manifest and enliven our spirits and actions. 

OLA i ke au a Kanaloa!

CANOE REPORT: Weʻve had some cool switch a roos...

Aunty Pattiann and Chelsey who were both on Makaliʻi swapped out with Ulumauahi and Uʻi Naipo who were on the Searcher. How exciting to be able to share the space. As night moved into the sky, Makaliʻi and Alakaʻi make a steady course for Lehua until such time that they determine the timing to heave to and wait for the pre-dawn light to continue their progress to Kauaʻi. How beautiful to be in a family who knows that the canoe will get to Kauaʻi when she gets to Kauaʻi. Often times we still see the waʻa as a human time piece when in essence, the waʻa is truly an element. She is the manifestation of the atmospheric and earth bound elements combined into one. Her destiny is to create, carry, grow, and birth the human form into this consciousness of knowing. Think about the times when we tried to plan a canoes arrival based upon the time written on the paper. If I think about it long enough, I myself would realize that iʻve seen the times on paper met with roughly, 30% accuracy.  In our kanaka selves we are expecting her to be there because it conveniences our time schedules. She is the Kanaloa. She is the Hanaumea. Therefore, the imagery on my mind...

The little green dot is a the waʻa, a reference in relation to Kaulakahi, Lehua and Kauaʻi. As we already know, The timing of their arrival is dependent upon the direction of the wind, the towing capacity or sailing capabilities of the crew and vessel, and time. I anticipate arrival into Kauaʻi any time within the three day weekend.  As I write, the Searcher, Aunty Pua and the ʻohana EKF/PKM8 make way for Honolulu. In my head I anticipate the knowing that will come from this voyage. In the mean time, we remain in the love and light, keep it steady and stay in the flow of Kanaloa. OLA!

The Lines of time hold memories of antiquity harnessing manifestations presence  tangible and textured it transfigures from a time before and into this day 

Me kealoha nui a moe mālie,

Pomaikalani Bertelmann

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