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Hanauna Ola

Sustaining the Generations through Voyaging

Hanauna Ola:

Sustaining the Generations through Voyaging

Project Goal: to restore and perpetuate Hawaiian cultural knowledge and practices that support physical, spiritual, and psychological health and well-being.


Project Objectives: The 3 objectives are designed to overcome the problem of the Hawaiian cultural knowledge and practices through voyaging because it is an effective learning platform to support our health and well-being.


Objective 1 - Master Navigator Shorty Bertelmann will teach the knowledge, practices, and skills of advanced voyaging by training and evaluating 24 - 30 canoe crew trainees to serve as captains, navigators, watch captains, quartermasters, and crew.


Learning Objectives

(1) Sailing knots lashing techniques

(2) Basic and advanced star lines and use of the Navigational star compass

(3) Canoe repair methods during dry dock

(4) Advanced level steering and holding a course

(5) Methods to work rigging sails

(6) Methods to work dock and anchor lines

(7) Advanced knowledge of weather conditions: the ability

to read the wind and current directions; environmental observation including cloud formations, sunrise and sunset for indicators of pending weather

(8) Knowledge of prayer, chants, and protocol for voyaging

(9) Advanced sailing practices to learn the specific duties

of a navigator, captain, watch captain, quartermaster,

and crew

(10)Ability to work as a team, and demonstrate the quality characteristics of a community role model


Objective 2 -  Master Navigator Chadd Paishon and 24 Alakaʻi will teach the knowledge and practices of voyage support to 300 support crew trainees.  They will learn to cultivate plants in canoe gardens, prepare food and braid cordage, and learn chants and prayers for voyage ceremonies and will measure progress in learning and performance.


Learning Objectives

(1) ʻAipono: to cultivate plants for food, prepare and preserve the plant food, and provision the canoe with food:

(2) Pilina Kaula: to cultivate fibrous plants that will be utilized to braid cordage for the reconnection ceremonies during the voyage:

(3) Hānai Waʻa: to learn, memories, and recite prayers and chants for the voyage ceremonies


Objective 3 - Canoe crew trainees will demonstrate the cultural knowledge, practices, and skills learned by their abilities to voyage Makaliʻi 1,300 nautical miles to the island

of Nihoa and Mokumanamana, conduct reconnection ceremonies, and sail home safely.  The 300 support crew trainees will demonstrate the cultural knowledge and practices learned by their ability to provide sufficient amounts of food and cordage for the voyage and

participate  in the canoe sendoff and arrival ceremonies.











      Hanauna Ola Year 1 - training the crew and community



           Hanauna Ola Year 2 -  preparing for the voyage




       Hanauna Ola Year 3 -  the voyage to nihoa and mokumanamana

****This page is for our Hanauna Ola project.  If looking for information on the Hanauna Ola voyage to Mokumanamana, please go to our blog ( for updates.  We will also be posting updates to our Facebook ( and Instagram (@nakalaiwaa_mokuokeawe) accounts. 

Please follow us on those social media sites for links to our blog posts

as well as extra content from the voyage.


Hanauna Ola Videos

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