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Kanu making kaula

Earlier this year KANU students learned the process of making rope using Maiʻa (banana). Aunty Heather Sarsona, along with two KANU middle schoolers taught the Papa Māmane 5th graders each step of the process that comes before the braiding of the fibers.

The class got in to pairs and had the chance to experience cleaning the maiʻa until just the fibers remained. Another small group was in charge

of rinsing the fibers free of juice or any pieces of maiʻa skin that were left attached.

Whenever a keiki (child) felt the need to rest their sore arms, they still went to work by cleaning up their work space or taking the pieces of left over maiʻa and giving it back to the ʻāina as compost or fertilizer for the KANU plants. Papa Māmaneʻs kumu, Aunty Keōmailani Case, even took a turn at cleaning maiʻa when one of her students needed a break.

All of this awesome work is to further their knowledge of cultural practices and their connection to place as Kanu o ka ʻĀina. Itʻs also to support Makaliʻiʻs June Voyage by helping to make kaula (rope) for the journey.

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