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Holokai Videos


The following videos are provided with the intention of offering another mode of waʻa learning with

our communities.  Nā Kālai Waʻa would like to encourage their use in an effort to increase the richness

of waʻa traditions old and new.


Collecting, Processing, & Making Kākaʻa at Hoea Moku - 

Here is one way to collect, process, and bundle lauhala (pandanus leaves).  If you would like to help Nā Kālai Waʻa prepare hala for Mauloaʻs new sail, we have kits available.  Please submit your request for a kit to at least 1 week ahead of the time that you would need it.

Picture Game

"Think Waʻa" Picture Game- 

Nā Kālai Waʻa Crew, this ones for you! 

Can you solve these picture puzzles?  All of these are waʻa related  Think waʻa!  


"Knots" The 6 Essential Knots - 

Learn how to use the 6 essential knots used on the

waʻa (canoe) and also how they may be used in

daily life on land.


Hīpuʻu: ʻEono mau hīpuʻu koʻikoʻi hoʻohana pinepine ʻia ma Makaliʻi 

Learn the 6 essential knots used on Makaliʻi ma ka ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi (in Hawaiian lanuage)


Splicing: Part 1 

Short Splice- 

In this video, Pwo Navigator Chadd Paishon introduces us to splicing.  He teaches us what tools we would need to splice, and how to do a "short splice" using a three ply rope. 

Splicing: Part 2 

End Splice & Eye Splice- 

Using the same tools as the last splicing video, Chadd teaches
us two new splices with three ply rope, the "eye splice" and
"end splice".



Learn about 3 main cloud types, their Hawaiian names, how to identify them and what these clouds could mean for approaching weather.

Hoea Moku: Tour

Hoea Moku

Come on a tour with us through Hoea Moku, our property in Hawi, Kohala and learn about some of the plants we grow in our canoe garden.


Hokuliʻiliʻi: Iako

This is a video of Makaliʻi Captain and vessal Manager, Kealiʻi Maielua, showing the restoration process of the iako (outrigger boom) for Hokuliʻiliʻi.

Hokuliʻiliʻi: Heiau

As in ongoing project to restore Hokuliʻiliʻi, in this video we show the process of building a new heiau (hei: to snare, au: current).

Hokuliʻiliʻi: Pattern, Bulkhead, Stringers

The following three videos show how Kealiʻi made a custom pattern for the hull, and his process for the bulkhead and stringers...keeping in mind that weight is an important factor.



Join Pwo Navigator Chadd as he teaches about his tools and techniques used for charting..

Line Handling

Line Handling

In this video, Chadd and Leiʻohu use different line/rope used on the canoe as well as everyday cord, hose, and cowboy lariat to show different ways to handle line on on land and on the canoe.


Whipping: #1

Chadd moves on from splicing to introduce whipping.  With splicing, you combine two pieces of rope together and with whipping you learn to bind twine or cord around the end of your rope to keep it from fraying.  

Whipping: #2

In this second video, Chadd goes over his tools used for whipping and shows a second whipping technique (binding of the end of rope to keep from fraying.)

ʻAi Pono

Kohala Omelette

In this video, Chadd and Leiʻohu share with you a omelette recipe where they combined freeze dried eggs, pre-made, canned sausage, and Hawaiian salt.  They paired this savory omelette with some sweet dehydrated maiʻa (banana)

Maiʻa (banana) Pancakes

For a yummy breakfast that everyone will love, whats better than pancakes?  Chadd and Leiʻohu show us how using banana flour, water, coconut oil, and some honey and jams for toppings makes for a delicious meal.

Moa (Chicken) Luʻau Stew

Leiʻohu and Chadd share another ai pono recipe, this time using freeze dried chicken, water, Hawaiian salt, and canned luʻau (taro leaves).  Its a warm, quick, comforting meal

Kalua Hash

Imagine being in the middle of a long voyage and being able to have a little taste of home like smokey, savory Kalua Pork.  In this video, our staff use Kalua, eggs and paʻakai (sea salt) to make a simple yet ʻono Kalua hash.

Beef Stew

Whats better that a bowl of stew on cold, rainy evening?  How about a stew that only took 10-15 minuets to cook!  With these freeze dried and pressure canned ingredients, Leiʻohu and Chadd show you how quickly you can make a great tasting meal when you use preserved foods.

Holokai Actvities


Activities such as matching blocks, 3 part cards, books, sand paper rubbing blocks, and more are activities that Nā Kālai Waʻa have been making for teachers and student to use in the classroom whether they are just bringing to learn of the waʻa or expanding their knowledge.

Matching Blocks

IMG_1351 (1).jpeg

No Ka Waʻa Matching Blocks:

Matching blocks are great for young children.  It helps them make connections with matching similar images with each other but also going a step further by trying to match the name/word with the images.  We use English/Hawaiian word tiles as well as picture tiles that have canoe & navigation related imagery to make for a wonderful way for some fun waʻa learning.

Matching Blocks

Sand Rubbing Blocks:

This activity is for students to use to make rubbings of different waʻa symbols.  Rubbing is an ancient art technique used to capture replicas of patterns in nature by rubbing a material like charcoal against the surface usually through a thin fabric or paper.  These symbols will help children learn waʻa parts, waʻa/ocean imagery (waves, stars, ʻohana), and animals related to voyaging (ʻiwa, dog), etc. 

IMG_2220 copy.jpg

More Videos & activities

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