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Aloha O’ahu a Lua

Hui...Aloha ʻOhana, 

We have been in the bosom of Kalihi for the past few days, making ready for the next move to Molokai. Makaliʻi, Alakaʻi and the ʻōhua Makalii departed at sunset this evening, making way for Hakipuʻu to honor the birth of Mama Hoku, our ʻohana Hakipuʻu, and our Piko ʻohana for their love and support over the last 45 years. After Kani ka pu, they will turn down for Molokai. They will spend time on Molokai overnight and then make their way to Lahaina, Maui. 

Oahu a Lua has been a beautiful rest bit for the canoes and for the our ʻōhua. Hoʻoulu ʻĀina up in Kahili Valley has been our home for the past few days, as we transitioned back in to our human forms. David, Kaiu, & Casey and Puni Jackson, and the entire ohana of Kokua Kalihi Valley have been our papa makua while here. This ʻāina momona has afforded us sleep, reflection, and the ability to come back into kanaka pace, from the strands of pō. This haven has been the gathering; our families and ʻohana waʻa spent time with here in laughter, food, music and love. We LOVE YOU GUYS!  

Ka WaiWai Collective, what more needs be said about Jaime Makasobe (documentor from Kawaihae, Mokumanamana, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai) and Mahina Paishon-Duarte (Oahu to Mokumanamana to Kauai), along with our braddah Keoni Lee, opened the most amazing place for our lāhui to gather. In full Ka WaiWai fashion, Oahu a Lua celebrated the health and life force of Hanauna Ola. No better celebration could have been made. 

Our time on Oahu has been well spent. I will continue to update until our ohana are home in Kawaihae. Until then, we remain in the focus, the love, safety and health of Hanauna Ola. 

Pomai Bertelmann

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