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Nā Kālai Waʻa Blog

Mahalo to Oʻahu

Support crew of our ʻohana Waʻa and Makaliʻi ʻohana of ʻOahu made food provisions, and provided dinner and lomilomi for crew at Ka Waiwai. Mahalo Nui!

Hālau ʻAʻaliʻi Kū Makani doing the welcome for Makaliʻi crew at Ka Waiwaii

Ka Pā O Lonopūhā provided lomi for the crew

Kealoha Ho and friends presented apprentice Navigator Pua Lincoln with this leihulu. The leihulu is named: Ka’inikimalieakekēhau- gentle pinching of the kehau wind

Pwo Chadd sharing the inspiration of our voyage, “if we can sustain a canoe from our aina and our people, then we can sustain our communities”

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